remember like 2 years ago when christmas stopped feeling like christmas for some reason

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Me reading the Bible

Me: wow

Me: wow yes

Me: wow


Me: highlighter highlighter highlighter highlighter highlighter

Me: underliiiiiiiiiine

Me: woahhh, convicteddd

Me: wow yes yes yes yes

Me: Y E S.


Me: lol wow this is in here!?


Me: I LOVE YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: A-M-E-N!

Me: wooooooooooo

Me: omg GOd

Me: lol enemy


Romans 12:1

"The poem is called Romans 12:1 to mean submitting to God, not only in one area but in all; especially regarding our bodies " - Canden Webb. 


trying to be a part of conversations like


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ok guys ignore my knees and instead admire my pride and joy with me


ok guys ignore my knees and instead admire my pride and joy with me

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When we start to drift into a restless place, a dark and lonely place, we tend to get there because we have taken our eyes from Christ, from that man who lived a life of obedience, and then died a terrible death, who rose again and proclaimed His kingdom come. That is where our eyes must always be, upon the King of glory, who loves us with a love that never dies. Darkness sets in, when we refuse to let the light shine, so open all the windows! Unlock the doors! Make every possible entrance available for our God to make Himself known once again. One does not breathe in the beauty of autumn or the joys of spring by keeping themselves in a cold and dark place, rise and rise again, until you have Christ living and loving through you.

You are not useless, you are not worthless, you are not ugly, because you are Christ’s! That is an honor that even the stars are jealous of, and the sun longs for. For we are the children of God, seen as blessed and holy. So live in that reality, live in view of Jesus, for we find life and life abundantly in that most glorious sight of Christ. Rest, thrive, grow, find restoration in the arms of He who conquered death, and took on the sins of the world. Jesus knows shame, He knows betrayal, pain, heartache, depression, and all the evils of this world; and He says to you to not take them on, but to take Him instead. His burden is light, and His companionship is good; so walk, and live with Christ, for it is the greatest adventure you will ever have.

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the worst thing you can say to someone is ‘you’re too sensitive’ because that’s basically saying ‘you feel things more deeply and fully than i do and this inconveniences me because now i have to be more mindful of my own actions’ 

you’re not too sensitive, the world is just callous and stubborn. sensitivity doesn’t make you weak and callousness doesn’t make you strong. 

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